About Us

Cork Music Collective is a cottage industry music school which teaches students both in classes and on a one-to-one bases. Lessons in musicianship and theory, Junior and Leaving Certificate Music, singing, piano, and guitar.

My aim is to encourage students, whether they’re eight or eighty. To me, patience and understanding go hand in hand with learning music. I believe in fostering joy, curiosity and lifelong love of music in everyone. That means working at the pace of the student to find their unique path. My practice is not driven by taking shortcuts or sitting exams unnecessarily just for the sake of a piece of paper.


About the Teacher:


I hold both a BMus from CIT Cork School of Music and a  BDTS (Music, and Drama & Theatre Studies) from University College Cork. I specialise in vocal performance and music teaching.

Throughout my childhood I studied cello and piano. My experiences learning from different teachers have made me passionate about providing a positive learning experience for my students.

Aside from performing, I enjoy composing instrumental music and songs in my spare time. I have performed my compositions in concerts across the USA, UK, Sweden and Ireland.