Who should have music lessons?

When you think about who is attending music lessons week in and week out, who do you think of? When you see someone sitting down to a piano or singing their scales every day, who is it you see?

Are you seeing a potential professional musician? Someone whose destiny is the National Concert Hall? You would be forgiven for thinking of this fictional prodigy with her arms laden with music books, trudging through hours of difficult practice.

Let me tell you who I think of!

I think of all my students, both young and old, who are eager to learn to sing so that they can join a choir or sing at a family event. I think of the students who start off knowing nothing about music theory and learn to read music. They start to enjoy understanding and using this new musical language.

You don’t need to feel that you have “The Gift” when you want to learn music, all you need is a sense of curiosity and fun! Some of my most successful music students are not the ones who showed the most natural flair at the start! They are the ones who decided to go home, try out this new technique every day and play around with it.

The people who need music the most aren’t always the ones who are born into it, or the ones who show an immediate aptitude. Music is for everyone, no matter how much you know already. Singing especially is a way to become more confident, to relax and to learn a skill. I often see that when a student of mine takes a little bit more care and attention from me, they eventually sail off on their own musical journey. Exams and concerts aren’t for everyone, some people just want to sing for themselves and that is to be encouraged.

So, who should you think of as a diligent music student? Anyone! From 0 – 100! You! There is no ideal student, it’s all about improving your own skills and confidence and finding a deeper meaning in something you enjoy.

Amy xx

About corkmusiccollective

Cork Music Collective is a cottage industry music education project which aims to make learning an instrument fun! I teach musicianship and instrumental lessons at all levels. Whether it's as a hobby or for exams, I endeavor to make learning music fun and interesting!
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