Why Send Your Children to Music Lessons?

As I go through life as a musician and a music teacher it is increasingly fascinating to see the approaches of parents to music lessons. Some commit fully to making sure their child develops to the best of their ability, some send their child and hope that something good will happen and some have absolutely no inclination to send their children to music lessons.

Guess which ones I find the most interesting!

Youth orchestra and consuctor

Orchestras can give children a chance to travel internationally and make friends!
(©Bernard & Myrtha Garon)

Well, why should they send their kids to music lessons? It can be expensive! And you might have to drive them to and from the classes, not to mention optional extras like choirs, orchestras or musicianship lessons. Once you set them down the road of music, who knows where it will lead!

I hear you, parents! There is a lot to consider! But consider, too, the positive things that your child will gain from music lessons. Quite aside from being proficient at an instrument there is a world of intellectual, emotional and social skills to be learned through music lessons.

Learning music is not solely about becoming the next Lang-Lang or Pavarotti, if it were then we couldn’t walk in a straight line without hitting multiple prodigies. The truth of the matter is than when we teach music we are teaching listening, focus, empathy, expression and patience among other things. We are educating the doctors, teachers, citizens and concert-goers of the future! We want to instill these very important qualities in them!

music for kids

Playing music together encourages children to work as a team.
(Photo: © PanARMENIAN Photo / Davit Hakobyan)

Not only that but learning music in a group situation like musicianship classes, orchestras or choirs helps children to form meaningful friendships outside of their usual social circle. Through playing together (multiple meanings intended!) humans develop lasting bonds and learn how to cooperate in a group situation. This is particularly important for personal development.

So for those who are thinking “Why should I send my kids to music lessons?” I hope I’ve given you a few good reasons to consider it. After all: once you set them down the road of music, who knows where it will lead…

About corkmusiccollective

Cork Music Collective is a cottage industry music education project which aims to make learning an instrument fun! I teach musicianship and instrumental lessons at all levels. Whether it's as a hobby or for exams, I endeavor to make learning music fun and interesting!
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2 Responses to Why Send Your Children to Music Lessons?

  1. Jenny says:

    I started playing the piano when I was about 7 I’d say, but when I started playing clarinet and joined a concert band I really fell in love with playing music. I didn’t play sports so it helped me learn to work in a team and helped me overcome my shyness. It also helped develop my creativity and some of my best memories are related to band rehearsals. I also met my husband through the band too, so I only have good things to say about music lessons.

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