The most wonderful (and busiest time) of the year!

At the risk of annoying the people who like to wait until December: Hurray for Christmas! When you’re a musician or teacher, Christmas starts EARLY! There are carols that need to be sourced and learned in time for the holidays, concerts that must be organised and planning the schedule for which recitals are happening when. Most of my students have started their Christmas carols now and will be fully ready to play them for friends and family over the festive season.

It’s hard to feel cynical about the early start of Christmas these days when you see the work that the younger pupils put into learning their pieces. If we left it until December they would only have two or three lessons and that would never do! A slow build up of gradual progress is definitely a nicer alternative to panic stations at the beginning of December… But maybe I’m just a Christmas-aholic. 😉

Christmas music

The festive season takes a lot of work from musicians, but it’s always worthwhile!

About corkmusiccollective

Cork Music Collective is a cottage industry music education project which aims to make learning an instrument fun! I teach musicianship and instrumental lessons at all levels. Whether it's as a hobby or for exams, I endeavor to make learning music fun and interesting!
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