How to Learn Music


It’s been a HECTIC few months! Quite a few adult singers have started singing lessons with me this year and the main theme with all of them is confidence!

Every time I meet a new student, we have a chat about what they want to achieve, what their experience has been and we figure out together where they’re starting. Every single adult student I am teaching at the moment has expressed a wish to be confident enough to sing a song when they’re out and about, or to be able to play a song without stumbling because of nerves.

This is really interesting and the good news is that going for lessons is the very first step in gaining that confidence! When you are playing every week for your teacher, you’re not just note-bashing, you’re becoming experienced in allowing another person to hear you. Your teacher will encourage you to do your best and give everything a try, regardless of what it sounds like. In this way, you learn to get used to the idea that an instrument will NEVER be played perfectly all the time. Mistakes are made everyday and we learn from them! Through making mistakes, correcting them and moving on, we perfect our technique and learn to feel confident about our ability.

When you take that leap to get lessons, you will not be asked to perform a concerto on demand! You will take everything in easy-to-manage steps, one after the other. Over time, you will see an improvement and wonder at where you started.Your first teacher might not be the right one for you, but there are countless teachers out there, and you’re sure to find ‘the One!’

About corkmusiccollective

Cork Music Collective is a cottage industry music education project which aims to make learning an instrument fun! I teach musicianship and instrumental lessons at all levels. Whether it's as a hobby or for exams, I endeavor to make learning music fun and interesting!
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  1. My vocal coach says, “When you make a mistake, make it loud. Otherwise I won’t hear it and we can’t fix it”. For me, it seems making mistakes can be easy to do, but hard to take. And that elusive confidence! Still working on that! It’s a trip, but one I’m so glad I’m taking. Thanks to teachers like you!

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