A Musical Challenge!

Hi everyone!

With the end of summer close at our heels, I thought this would be the ideal time to make a little playlist on Spotify for you!  Click here! Feel free to listen on road trips, or even while driving to get your new school books!

The music is a selection of the weird and wonderful, suitable for kids and adults. It comes with a little game:

-Can you name the instruments playing?

I have done my best to make sure that a wide variety of orchestral instruments have their moment in this playlist! Let’s see who’s the best listener and knows the different instruments!

Other things you might want to think about are:

-Does this piece make you think of an animal, or a scene?
-Is this a big or small instrument?
-What instrument is playing the melody, and what is playing the accompaniment (background)?

Click here to listen to your new playlist! 

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Who should have music lessons?

When you think about who is attending music lessons week in and week out, who do you think of? When you see someone sitting down to a piano or singing their scales every day, who is it you see?

Are you seeing a potential professional musician? Someone whose destiny is the National Concert Hall? You would be forgiven for thinking of this fictional prodigy with her arms laden with music books, trudging through hours of difficult practice.

Let me tell you who I think of!

I think of all my students, both young and old, who are eager to learn to sing so that they can join a choir or sing at a family event. I think of the students who start off knowing nothing about music theory and learn to read music. They start to enjoy understanding and using this new musical language.

You don’t need to feel that you have “The Gift” when you want to learn music, all you need is a sense of curiosity and fun! Some of my most successful music students are not the ones who showed the most natural flair at the start! They are the ones who decided to go home, try out this new technique every day and play around with it.

The people who need music the most aren’t always the ones who are born into it, or the ones who show an immediate aptitude. Music is for everyone, no matter how much you know already. Singing especially is a way to become more confident, to relax and to learn a skill. I often see that when a student of mine takes a little bit more care and attention from me, they eventually sail off on their own musical journey. Exams and concerts aren’t for everyone, some people just want to sing for themselves and that is to be encouraged.

So, who should you think of as a diligent music student? Anyone! From 0 – 100! You! There is no ideal student, it’s all about improving your own skills and confidence and finding a deeper meaning in something you enjoy.

Amy xx

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Concert Date

At last it’s nearly time for the Christmas Concert! Save the date:


For singing groups, audio recordings of Let It Snow are here.

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Guitar design competition

After another wonderful and rather hectic week, I thought it would be good to show a selection of guitar designs from this week’s competition!

Congratulations to Zara and Ryan, who drew as the winners!


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A Note on Practice

IMG_7092 Now that we’ve all started our first lessons, there’s one little (big) topic that needs addressing.

That’s right: PRACTICE!

This week I met some young musicians who were absolutely shocked to learn that there was ‘homework!’

Now, first of all, music should be a rewarding and interesting experience. Let’s not equate it to doing long division! Without those daily explorations on their instrument, pupils will arrive at the next lesson lost and frustrated that they’re not progressing.

I’ve read a few articles to try to find the best advice for you, but honestly some of the recommendations were so bonkers that I’ve decided to have a crack myself. Here it goes!

How to encourage your child to practise:

1. If this if your child’s first week of lessons, all you need to do is create the habit of picking up the instrument every day. No matter how dreadful it sounds, this daily habit is what will spark the curiosity they need to keep coming back and to keep improving.

2. Use the Practice Schedule that was given to your child this week. Get them to colour in or tick the box each day. When they fill in the whole week they’ll get a sticker from me and they’re on their way to getting a prize! (Remember to pack this in their folder on lesson day!)

3. Ask questions! If you are curious about the instrument, your child will be too. If you can’t wait to hear and understand what they learned, they can’t wait to show you!

4. Stuck for time? Schedule a set time every day for practice. Some people find that first thing in the morning before school is the only time they can fit in practice and that is IDEAL!

It’s great to be back to school and on our way to making some great music! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below!


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Autumn 2017

This is just a little note to say welcome back to all the students who are returning this year, and a jolly hello and welcome to the new musicians coming on board!


In order to make this year a little more streamlined, I’ve added a calendar to this site. You can access it in the menu above, or by clicking here. In the calendar you’ll find a colour-coded chart of important dates like exam deadlines, concert weeks and payment dates.

The calendar will be updated with the concert times a little closer to December.

The FAQ page has been updated for new pupils. This page includes a contact form for any questions you may have.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Plans for 2016!

  • I feel really lucky to be able to say that 2015 was a wonderful year for me and my students. Personally, I performed more often than ever before and I tried to reflect that in creating opportunities for my pupils to show their work, too! With a few student recitals under their belts, my younger musicians are starting to brim over with confidence in their abilities!

This year, I already have plans for our first STUDENTS ONLY concert in February for the piano players. What a perfect opportunity for us to learn from each other, show what we’ve learned and have some fun, too!

I’ve spent quite a bit of time scouring the internet for fun ideas and new songs for my young musicians. Duets, composing, music games and new pieces are all on the agenda for this term. It’s all about getting together, collaborating, making music a part of every day interactions. 🙂 I can’t wait!

As for my mature singing students, I feel quietly confident that I can wrangle them together for a low-key recital this year. Adults are always a million times more nervous than children, but my fabulous adult singers have been growing and growing in confidence and ability! Soon they will be ready to stand up and sing for each other!

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